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The Innovating for Public Urban Technology Transformation (INPUT2) Competition Report

COVER_224_PPSTI_Innovating For Public Urban Technology Transformation Competition
Published Date April 2024
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI)
Accessed 314
Pages 67
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The INPUT2 Report aligns with APEC's strategic priorities, serving as a channel for member economies to exchange knowledge and expertise. It concentrates on integrating new and innovative technologies and methodologies in the realms of green economy, sustainable transport, and livable cities, aiming to progressively benefit the APEC region in general. This report encapsulates  innovations, breakthrough research, inspiring success stories, and insightful examples. Taken together, these 40 applications have the potential to make a significant impact on promoting the development of sustainable and livable cities within APEC member economies.